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• 7/11/2016

Ingress v. Pokemon Go

I can't stand going around in public as a level 8 ingress player, and running into Pokemon Go players. When they start asking, "How many pokemon do you have?" "What pokemon do you have?" "Are you level 5 yet?"... NO, INGRESS CAME FIRST. No one realizes it's made by the same company, and pretty much the same thing. It's been out for 3 years! Whereas, Pokemon Go has been out for 3 days. We need to stop this madness, I made campaign shirts, so everyone knows that we are all for Ingress. Get rid of the Poke Zombies!

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• 7/11/2016

Why the hate? They love what they do, don't judge them. We're already busy in a tag of war against the other faction in-game. Don't stress yourself with Pokemon Go players and just enjoy the game. Just tell them nicely that you're walking around playing another AR game called Ingress and that they should try it out since it's made by the same company.

• 7/11/2016

@alberttrojas just the fact that everyone thinks that's it's "a life changing game" when ingress and Pokemon go are basically the same thing, just modeled differently. People keep talking about "wow I'm actually outside"... but literally the exact same game has been out for three years. but most Pokemon go players will say that ingress is stupid and that Pokemon go is better!! which is hypocritical? since they're the same but modeled differently.

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