Items Acquired

As many as seven items may be acquired by Hacking a Portal.

Hacking a portal is used to obtain Ingress items for your inventory. You can hack a portal when it's in your action range circle. If the portal level is above your level the items you get will be based off of your level, however, if the portals level is below yours, the items you get will be dependent on its level.


By hacking ingress portal you can gain items. Portals that belong to your faction will be more generous with the items it gives out when hacked, enemy portals are less giving, except when it comes to the XMP Burster.

Items that you can get編集

   XMP Bursters
   Portal Mods
       Portal Shields
       Force Amplifier
       Link Amplifier
       Heat Sink
   Portal Keys
   Media Items
   Power Cubes
   Jarvis Virus
   ADA Refactor


You can hack a portal every 5 minutes or 300 seconds. If you try to hack a portal again too soon it will warn you that the portal is too hot, that it is unstable and it will indicate how much time you should wait to hack it again. Additionally you can only hack a portal 4 times in a period of 4 hours. If you try to hack it for 5th time, portal will go to Burn Out state and will be unhackable until 4 hours after you first hacked it. Burn out state is specific to you, so all other players will still have a normal, hackable portal.

XM Cost編集

To hack a portal you need to spend some of your XM, each hack costs 50 XM * portal level:

   Portal L1 = 50 XM
   Portal L2 = 100 XM
   Portal L3 = 150 XM
   Portal L4 = 200 XM
   Portal L5 = 250 XM
   Portal L6 = 300 XM
   Portal L7 = 350 XM
   Portal L8 = 400 XM

There is also a chance that enemy portals will defend themselves and do some damage to you.

AP Gain編集

+ 100 AP for hacking an enemy portal

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