Hacking a portal generates equipment. Hacking friendly portals increases the chance for more and better Items. Opposition Portals generate fewer and lower quality items, and may yield no items, but give 100 Action Points. The majority of items obtained through hacking a portal will be of equal level to the portal, though a few will be a level above or below and a very few will deviate farther.

An agent must be within 40m of a Portal to Hack it. The range is calculated when hacking begins, so Portals may be hacked while moving. All hacks cost XM equal to the level of the portal times 100. When hacking enemy portals the Agent will lose additional XM from being attacked.

If a hack is attempted without sufficient AP, no AP will be expended. However, if the failed hack is made against an enemy portal, that portal may still attack the player. Therefore, a player should be certain that they have enough AP before attempting to hack an enemy portal. This can be done by listening to the scanner. When a portal is selected, if XM is high enough for hacking, the scanner will announce, "You have sufficient energy to hack your target." If XM is too low, there will be no message.

Cooldowns and Burn Out編集

Portals may not be Hacked more than once every five minutes. When a Portal is Hacked, attempting to Hack it again within five minutes will generate an error message stating that the Portal is running hot. This message will also estimate, in seconds, how much time remains before the Portal may be Hacked again.

Note: While latency previously allowed two consequent Hacks which bypass the five minute cooldown period, this was considered an exploit and Niantic has corrected it.

Portals may not be Hacked more that four times every four hours. Unless more than four hours have passed between the first and the fifth Hack attempting to Hack the Portal will generate an error message stating that the Portal has burned out. The burn out duration ends four hours after the initial Hack.

Example: If a portal is hacked at 9:02am it cannot be hacked again until 9:07am. If it is hacked again at 9:07am it cannot be hacked again until 9:12am. If, however, the third hack does not occur until 9:15am, then the fourth and final hack cannot occur until 9:20am. The portal's four-hack count will reset at 1:02pm regardless of whether successive hacks were made after the initial hack.

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