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Access Points (often called Action Points), referenced in-game as AP, are the experience points of Ingress. Most gameplay actions, such as deploying Resonators Resonator, destroying Links, and creating Control Fields Δ, earn AP for the Agent and contribute to his or her Access Level.

Actions With AP Rewards[]

Action Points
Deploying a Resonator Resonator 125 AP
Capturing a Portal 500 AP + AP for the first Resonator Resonator.
Deploying the eighth Resonator Resonator on a Portal 250 AP
Upgrading another Agent's Resonator Resonator 65 AP
Applying a Portal Mod 125 AP
Destroying a Portal Mod 80 AP
Recharging a Portal's Resonator(s) Resonator 65 AP* per press of the Recharge button.
Linking two Portals 313 AP
Creating a Control Field Δ 1 250 AP
Hacking an enemy Portal 100 AP
Destroying an enemy Resonator Resonator 75 AP
Destroying an enemy Link 187 AP
Destroying an enemy Control Field Δ 750 AP
Submitting a new Portal 1 000 AP (upon acceptance)
Submitting a Portal photo 500 AP (upon acceptance)
Editing a Portal's location, name or information 200 AP (upon acceptance)
Submitting a Portal Scan 500 AP
Entering a correct Glyph while Glyph Hacking 50 AP + time bonus, if perfect.
First hack of the day 500 AP
Deploying or using a boost 500 AP - in the case of Apex, 1 000 AP
Redeeming a Passcode Between 0 - 1 500 AP

*Starting 19. March 2020, recharging Resonators Resonator give 65 AP, instead of the standard 10 AP (due to the global SARS-CoV-2 pandemic). This change is not expected to be permanent.

If the same in-scanner action qualifies for multiple AP awards, the Agent will receive all of them. For example, destroying a Resonator Resonator on a Portal which is part of a Control Field Δ so that only two Resonator Resonator remain, earns the Agent 75 AP for destroying an enemy Resonator Resonator, 374 AP for destroying two enemy Links, and 750 AP for destroying an enemy Control Field Δ, for a total of 1 199 AP.

Unlike other actions, submitting a new Portal, submitting a new photo, or editing a Portal's information does not immediately reward the Agent with AP. Instead, the Agent receives AP when the submission is approved.

Actions without AP Rewards[]

The following actions do not grant AP: