"Escape - Past - Destiny" is the second episode of the first season of Ingress: The Animation and the second episode of the series in general.

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Sarah and Makoto head to the secret Hulong lab deep in the woods of Kyoto, but they're confronted by Liu's security forces and Jack along the way.

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Sarah brings Makoto and herself food. During their meal, she tells Makoto that she believes his ability to read memories is caused by XM. Adding to this, she reveals she used to research how XM unlocked what they called “Sensitive Abilities” Hulong. She also mentions that if Makoto keeps on using XM, he could be able to enhance his abilities even further.

They arrive at another station, and Sarah looks at a building from inside the train. She tells Makoto to hold her hand and look at the blue portal, which meant it belonged to the Resistance. She mentions that it is powerful, but not to him, because he is an Enlightened. When portals connect, control fields form, and that faction’s power grows. White portals are neutral, and don’t belong to anyone. Control fields belonging to your faction increase your abilities, while other fields can even take them from you.

Makoto uses psychometry

Makoto had to use psychometry differently than how he was used to for the first time.

Makoto drops a chopstick, but as he bends to pick it up, he looks up horrified at Jack and grabs Sarah, while telling her to run from Jack. Liu's agents are also on board and inform their boss the next stop would be in over an hour. Liu orders them to capture their target and kill the psychic. As they run, Sarah tells Makoto they entered an Enlightened field, and Sarah tells Makoto to use his psychometry. Despite being nervous at first, Makoto uses it and sees Jack and Makoto's men, but mistakenly assumes they're working together. He runs with Sarah to another end of the train, and suggests hiding in a bathroom, while comforting her.

Jack on the outside believes he found them, but it turns out he's run into Liu's men as soon as they entered a Resistance portal. The men fight while Makoto and Sarah escape. Jack realizes this and is distracted. When they have nowhere left to go, Makoto uses the emergency brake on the train, causing panic, but also enabling them to escape. At the same time, Jack defeats Liu's men, and takes their smart lenses.

Sarah asks for a ride

Sarah figured the best way to get around would be to ask for a ride.

Makoto is astonished by his power, and walks towards an Enlightened field with Sarah. Jack in the meantime is looking at what Liu's men were looking for and gets a location. Sarah explains how XM works to Makoto, explaining that the Resistance thinks XM is a threat, so they want to contain it, so they can use it to humanity's advantage. Ever since the discovery of XM, the two factions have been at war with each other. Sarah also explains that both factions take fields from one another, as these help influence the people the fields are around. Sarah suggests they move, and starts asking people for a ride.

Liu is told by his boss that he needs to find Sarah and respect the gravity of the situation. He is also mentioned Christopher Brandt was ahead of him and carefully orchestrated Sarah's escape, his plan dying with him. Hulong's plan was already in motion and it could not succeed without her. Another problem was the fact that people were talking about the explosion, and it is his responsibility to make sure that does not happen. Liu assures everything will be handled within 24 hours.

Sarah and Makoto manage to get a ride and arrive at a popular tourist attraction. There, Sarah is sure they have found Hulong's Kyoto facility. Sarah discovers a hidden path; which makes Makoto wonder how she did it. Sarah reminds him she sees the world differently, with XM enabling her to see far away places, also pointing out she was considered crazy as a child. Makoto mentions this happened to him as well, which often left him thinking he wished he was normal. However, Sarah mentions that thanks to his power, he was able to save them and it also allowed them to meet each other.

Sarah and Makoto find Dark XM

Sarah and Makoto found out the Tokyo facility was full of Dark XM.

They near the facility, and Sarah sees a big, red portal. Makoto decides to touch it and is soon in pain, but Sarah is able to push him away and save him. Jack makes his way to the tourist attraction, while Makoto and Sarah walk in. Sarah mentions the red matter was called "Dark XM". Normal XM only affects human psyche, while dark XM affects the human physiology as well. Even though it provided people with short bursts of extreme power, prolonged exposure also lead to death. Makoto finds blood on the floor and sees visions of people being experimented on with dark XM, but wonders why.

As they keep searching, Sarah discovers the servers are still running, but when trying to log into the console finds out she is locked out. Makoto tries using his psychometry to see the password, but has used his abilities too much. When he continues pushing, he finds the password and lets Sarah enter it. They find information leading to human mind control, and even found a page with Sarah's information on it. Suddenly, Makoto was grabbed from behind by Jack, who put a knife to him. Liu's men also neared the facility from the outside.

Jack threatens Makoto

Jack was easily able to take control over Makoto.

Jack tells Sarah to stay calm lest he kills Makoto, and tells her he is confused, since Hulong is looking for her as well. He hands her a phone and asks her what makes her so special. Sarah tells him she is not special, and only wants to uncover Hulong's secrets, which made you a target. Jack is not sure, however, since if that were the case, she would be dead by now. He then asks what her connection to them was and Makoto realizes they want to take advantage of her ability. As soon as he says this, Liu's men enter the facility. Jack jumps to fight them, but is shot and falls. Sarah and Makoto run away, while Liu laughs from his helicopter because he has them right where he wants them and Sarah could not run from her destiny forever.

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