• Takodogs

    I just want u to know if you like badges in any wikias? Cause I like all of them!

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  • Takodogs

    Do u love playing Ingress

    August 25, 2018 by Takodogs

    I love playing ingress. The best way is to play on Phone. I actually play it rarely.

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  • Juper0

    XM Dreams

    February 22, 2015 by Juper0

    This is a few things i would like to see added to the game. I know it is not going to happen so please spare me the nay saying. It is just me thinking out loud. Constructive criticism is welcomed.

    Level Damage* Range XM Cost Rarity

    Maximum damage values. Actual
    damage depends on distance and mods.

    This device will fire a damaging laser at great distances. The beam width is very narrow and must be aimed very carefully (same way the angle is adjusted for portal confirmation). The beam will pass through any resonator, dealing damage to it. It will stop at the first portal, attacking the mods on it. This item would function as long range support for taking out a very strong portal.

    This is only available to agents of . It has a 4,800 capacity.…

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