Scanner COMM Button

The COMM button is in the lower right corner in Scanner.

COMM is a feature in the Scanner and Intel Map for browsing notifications and chatting between players. There are tabs (filters) under COMM: "All", "Faction" and "Alerts".

To disable or enable push notifications for in-game events, use the "Device" tab in the OPS screen. See Device#Notifications.

In-Game Chat Edit

Mentioned in COMM

Notification for an @mention.

In-game chat is available from two COMM tabs; messages under the "All" tab are public: members of both Factions can see them.

Messages sent from the "Faction" tab can only be seen by the same faction. These messages are prepended with [secure] in the "All" tab. However, experienced agents typically do not trust the Faction COMM for any operations chat, since it's easily possible for enemies to see the messages using Double Accounts. Most communities have adopted other means of communication, such as Telegram or Google Hangouts.

Other agents can be "pinged" by typing @username. This means they will see the message even if the sender is outside their chosen COMM Range. Additionally, they will receive a push notification (if they did not disable it in settings). This can be used to check any agent's stats, as long-pressing on the @username can be used to open their profile. In the "Faction" tab, this only works for friendly agents.

COMM-Messages are limited to 256 characters and 10 mentioned Agents.

Notifications Edit

Notifications about nearby players' actions also appear in the "All" tab and personalized attack notifications in the "Alerts" tab. Sometimes remaining stealthy by avoiding notifications can be a tactical advantage, such as for taking down a well-guarded Portal. Notably, Portal Mods can be destroyed without triggering any notifications (e.g. using low-enough Ultra Strikes that don't reach the resonators).

Note that different sets of notifications appear in the Scanner and the Intel Map version of COMM:

Event Scanner Intel


Alert to


Portal Mod destroyed No No No
Resonator damaged No No Yes
Resonator destroyed No Yes (!) No
Portal neutralized Yes Yes Yes
Portal captured (1st Resonator) Yes Yes
Resonator deployed No Yes (!)
Resonator upgraded No ?
Link/Field created Yes Yes
Portal Mod deployed No No
Fracker deployed Yes Yes No