A Capsule Capsule is a container that holds other items. They can be used to organize items and operate on them in bulk, most frequently for exchanging large numbers of items between Agents. The Quantum Capsule can also duplicate items.

Capsules Capsule can hold up to 100 items. Any item, except for Capsules Capsule themselves, can be placed within a Capsule Capsule. The items within, as well as the Capsule Capsule itself, count towards the Agent's inventory cap. Items inside a Capsule Capsule are not included in the item category sums in the Inventory screen.

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Capsule (Rare)[edit | edit source]

While Capsules Capsule are listed as Rare, they have a far lower drop rate than Rare Mods. Community studies have estimated the drop rate to be approximately 1 in 4 000 item rolls.

Items remain inside a dropped Capsule Capsule. Other Agents can pick up the Capsule Capsule and acquire the items, which simplifies donating and exchanging gear.

Capsule pickup failed due to insufficient inventory space.

Beware that attempting to pick up a Capsule Capsule with insufficient inventory space will play the "pick up" sound effect, but the Capsule Capsule will remain on the ground. The message "Too many items." will appear on the Agent's Scanner, in red text, similar to hacking a Portal during cooldown or burnout.

Recycling a Capsule Capsule also recycles every item it contains, adding the total XM to the Agent's XM tank.

Each Capsule Capsule has a unique hexadecimal ID that appear to be non-consecutive. These ID's are useful for identifying a dropped Capsule Capsule, and distinguishing them within an Agent's inventory.

Currently, in Ingress Prime, Capsules Capsule also allow for labels to be placed on them in order to know at a glance what is kept in them.

Quantum Capsule[edit | edit source]

The Quantum Capsule is a Capsule variant that occasionally duplicates items inside it. It is the rarest item to get from a Hack.

Quantum Capsules duplicate items exactly once per day. The number of items created is proportional to the number stored in the Quantum Capsule.[1] The Quantum Capsule must contain fewer than 100 items and the Agent's inventory must have fewer than 2 000 items.[2] For C.O.R.E. Members the latter number is increased by 500 (along with their inventory limit) for the duration of their membership.

According to analysis from February 2016, Ultra Strikes Ultra Strike (Very Common) had a per-item duplication rate of 5% over four days.[3] Since 26. December 2018, Very Rare items no longer duplicate in Quantum Capsules.[4]

Since Capsules Capsule and Quantum Capsules cannot be placed within other Capsules Capsule, they cannot be duplicated.

History[edit | edit source]

MUFG Capsule.png

Originally called the MUFG Capsule, it was a sponsored item bearing the name of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc.[5] The connection was that like its investment-bank patron, it the MUFG Capsule would pay interest in the form of duplicated items.

When initially introduced, the duplication rate was far higher, around 1% per Capsule per day and did not depend on the rarity of the items inside it. Thus it was a far easier way to acquire Very Rare items such as Flip Cards and AXA Shields than hacking. The drop rate of MUFG Capsules was also much higher, roughly the same as regular Capsules Capsule. This changed around 19. February 2016 when the duplication rates for Rare and Very Rare items were reduced.[3]

Since June 2017, MUFG Capsules were no longer hackable[6] until 11. December 2017 with the release of Ingress 1.129.2, the MUFG Capsule was replaced with Quantum Capsule. All inventories were immediately converted and the Quantum Capsule became hackable again. (The same version also replaced the AXA Shield with the Aegis Shield.)

Kinetic Capsule[edit | edit source]

Kinetic Capsule is a unique type of Capsule that crafts items through a combination of XM, Materials (items), and kinetic energy charged by walking a predetermined distance. Level 6 Agents can claim one Common Kinetic Capsule for free at the Store which is indestructible and reusable.[7]

The Kinetic Capsule management menu allows you to select from a menu of known Programs, which are instructions that can be executed to craft a specific item. These Programs require 6 000 XM and 8km of walking in addition to the specific items consumed by the Common Kinetic Capsule.

There are four Very Rare items that can be crafted through the Common Kinetic Capsule. An Agent can use Resonators and XMPs that are the specified level, or higher.

1 Very Rare Portal Shield[edit | edit source]

1 Very Rare Heat Sink[edit | edit source]

1 Very Rare Multi-Hack[edit | edit source]

1 Very Rare SoftBank Ultra Link[edit | edit source]

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