November 2012 - The Sphere of Weirdness
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Ideas Related to NianticEdit

Niantic Labs @ Google created the new Field Trip app:

Whaling vessel Edit

Field Trip is an example of "ubiquitous computing," which Google and other tech companies are increasingly exploring. In a recent conversation, Hanke explained why he's interested in that concept and why his new team at Google is called Niantic Labs, after a whaling ship that was abandoned in San Francisco when its crew joined the 1849 gold rush. The ship was converted to a hotel that later burned; remnants have been found in the filled-in bay land of the city's Financial District

Q - Why did you pick the name?

A - I was interested in this idea of peeling back the layers of the world. I stumbled across the story of Gold Rush-era ships and how the Niantic was reused as a hotel and a brothel and now it's at the foot of the Transamerica Building, buried in the sediment. So the metaphor was the hidden stories: The knowledge exists; it's just not always available to us when it could be of benefit.

Prison Edit

Another possible meaning of Niantic Project (via Google Search):

“Existing prison programs fail to provide opportunities for the offender to participate in meaningful democratic experiences. The Niantic Project sought to create a prison environment which would avoid the pitfalls of conventional correctional settings. The goals of the proposed alternative were to create a setting which would actively stimulate the sociolegal thinking of the inmates involved and would aid inmates in leading successful lives following release from the institution.”

Location Edit

  • Niantic is a village in East Lyme, CT
  • Niantic is a village in Macon County, IL (formerly Prairie City founded in 1854)

Ideas Related to P.A. ChapeauEdit

P.A. Chapeau (a pseudonym) is our informant who posts new information on each day.


If you found this blog chances are you realized something wasn't adding up. Somewhere down the path of lies you’ve been fed since birth you blinked and were left with the nagging feeling you had been tricked. Your instincts were right. Things aren't adding up. The world isn’t what you believed it to be. Many of us have lost faith in our institutions. Even Science, the unshakable God of impartiality, has long since been corrupted by the dark forces, its numbers twisted and manipulated until no-one knew what their true meanings were. We are flies trapped in a digitized web of lies but who are the arachnids? They are everyone and no one. They are the voices telling you not to worry. They are your mother trying to lull you back to sleep after you encountered the boogeyman. But somewhere deep inside you know that what you saw in that millisecond when you blinked is real. And it's that knowledge that brought you here. Now you can either close your eyes and go back to sleep or put on your tinfoil hat and dig deep into the world of conspiracies. Paranoia is a good thing. It keeps you alive.

Other Edit

  • Chapeau, PA (Pennsylvania)
  • Un chapeau in French is “A hat”.
  • P.A. could mean Pennsylvania Avenue (perhaps in East Lyme, CT?)
  • Photo showing a hand reminds me of [[wikipedia:Agent_13:_The_Midnight_Avenger|Agent 13] image on Flint Dille's G+ Profile.

P.A. Chapeau's Word of the Day: Conspiracy BoardEdit

Conspiracy Board (aka Investigator Board)

A board, sometimes physical, sometimes digital which is used by an investigator to 'connect the dots' in a conspiracy which has several different, seemingly unrelated individuals and activities.

P.A. Chapeau's Thought For Today: Not my real nameEdit


You found my site.

For now, call me P.A. Chapeau.

Don't bother looking for me, I won't be found.

If it isn't obvious to you, that's not my real name.


Welcome Videos for Niantic ProjectEdit

What is the Niantic Project?

What is the Niantic Project?

T=05s - Mechanics Monument in SFEdit

Info seen:

  1. Mechanics Monument (by Douglas Tilden) in Market/Battery Plaza near Market and Bush St. (view is facing southeast)
  2. Ben Jackland’s ZTE phone with a map connecting nearby locations.

T=08s - Tycho Reward Flyer, Photograph, PosterEdit

Info seen: Full Tycho Flyer posted by @BillyKayb on Twitter and Tycho in vehicle screenshot at 24s below

T=11s - West Berkeley TV HDWEdit

Info seen: Why did they stop?

  1. 6/1/93
  2. April Market Direct Mail Relay #96 Summary
  3. West Berkeley TV HDW. 2043 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA (True Value Hardware store -
  4. List of purchased items, including CP3K2 E/Lockset

T=12s - Circled Map of San FranciscoEdit

Info seen: How are these connected?

  1. Bottom-left circled location is along Sunset Blvd. definitely between Moraga St. (1700) in north & Quintara St. (2100) in south (more likely between Ortega St. (1900) and Pacheco St. (2000)) and E/W 33rd/38th Ave., SF, CA 94122
  2. Nearby locations: AP Giannini Middle School, Shakespeare Theater Summer Conservatory, Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School, Alfred J. Cleary Plaza, Saint Ignatius, West Portal Lutheran School
  3. Upper-right circle is centered near intersection of Ocean Ave. and Plymouth Ave. in SF, CA 94112
  4. Nearby locations: City College of San Francisco (and many other places)


Info seen: Based on screenshot at 18s, the “plane” could be a NIA SPECCOM UAV(?)

T=15s - UC Berkeley Lecture HallEdit

Info: YouTube video Professor Talks About Portals found and filed under Comic-con Hint below

T=18s - Oakland, CaliforniaEdit

Info seen:

  2. Technical Overview:
  3. ARM 9 mil spec #16 MHz microcontroller
  4. 512 MB RAM, proprietary Linux OS
  5. 4 x 50 watt flight micro actuators
  6. Radar, IR, Laser … guidance system modules
  7. Wide-band analog/digital signal jamming suites
  8. Multi-band audio/visual/electronic surveillance packages
  9. Heuristic adaptive flight control software
  10. Heat & radar dissipative properties
  11. Middle Left: Red ‘X’ on map is in Oakland, CA on 27th St. between Telegraph Ave. & Broadway.
  12. Upper Right: On Niantic card is the name Jade Kilson (I think)

T=21s - Blood DrawingsEdit

Info seen:

  1. What are these painted on? (With blood?)
  2. Drawings could be Cupid’s Span statue and Alfred Escher statue?
  3. Drawing on right is shown in clues from Day #11 below
  4. Upper Right list contains: lamps, tape, bag, glove, other unreadable items

T=24s - Tycho in VehicleEdit

Info seen:

  1. Man (probably Tycho) in vehicle (car, van, other? At least 3 seats wide and 2 rows deep; maybe black Niantic Mercedes vans) on the day of Comic-Con
  2. Lanyard says … YOU GET IT. DEXTER (same as all other lanyards at SDCC)

Lat-long coordinates at 0:18 in welcome video lead to Marfa, TX (,_Texas), where there is a QR code in a nearby field.

Desktop QR Decoder cannot read image:

Original. Darkened and rotated.

Update: Gregory Strike was able to reconstruct the QR code on his G+ post made Friday, November 9th.

It leads to the same Roland Jarvis video previously posted on November 7th by Brandon Badger below.

See also: Glitchy Phone Prototype Video #2 screenshots from Day #6 and Afram Drone video screenshot from Day #9 below.

The Trail Starts Here: Video 1Edit

Welcome video on Day #1:

T=05s - Double L Excentric Gyratory in SFEdit

T=11s - Lotta’s Fountain in SFEdit

Info seen: Looks like a portal to another dimension opening up?

T=16s - Tycho Flyer Handout at Comic-ConEdit

Info seen: Full Tycho Flyer image tweeted by @BillyKayb. This image was at Comic-Con next to the booth for “Owly”.

T=18s - SF Chronicle, Military plane, Aurora SculptureEdit

Info seen:

  1. Upper-right newspaper article:
  2. From San Francisco Chronicle Aug 16, 2012 by Orson Aguilar, executive director, Greenlining Institute, Berkeley
  3. Top-middle sculpture is Aurora Glowing Water Wheel by Ruth Asawa located at 188 The Embarcadero, SF, CA 94105 off Pier 14 across the street from Cupid’s Span seen in Tycho Poster #2 below
  4. What type of military plane is depicted bottom-left?

T=22s - Sequence of NumbersEdit

Info seen:

  1. Photo of 2 (presumably) dead people also depicted in Tycho Poster #5
  2. At bottom is 23:45:19:47 81112. Is this a military time range? Is “81112” Nov. 8th, 2012?

T=23s - Who is Calling Him?, Grocery/Appliance listEdit

Info seen:

  1. Who is calling him? Why did they stop?
  2. Blue highlighted items in list (seems irrelevant):
  3. … - … … CURVD VINYL HOOK 0607B
  4. 865-519 05250-54 75W PAR38FD2PK 0938 57-16
  5. 216-603 3005 2 CELL FLASHLIGHT 0961A 57-36
  6. 122-884 40406 6OZ.WD40 PREPACK 1759E
  7. 293-621 M-0536 PRESSURE COOKER 1260
  8. 203-163 6014843 15 OZ CASSERLE 1296
  9. 301-820 6003295 DINNER SET WHIT 1296A
  10. 107-938 2488 4PK 12OZ BEVRG GLS 1298E
  11. 334-562 PK-6 APPLE PIE KEEPS 1304L

The Trail Starts Here: Video 2Edit

T=06s - ADA Intrusion Systems ActiveEdit

T=15s - Eye of ADA / Portal?Edit

Info: Looks similar to Calibration Video and ADA circle diagram from Day #4. Where is this located?

T=15s - Portal by UC Berkeley’s Hawk for Peace?Edit

Info: Sculpture is “The Hawk for Peace” by Alexander Calder located outside UC Berkeley’s Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

T=16s - Portal by Aurora Glowing Water Wheel?Edit

Info: Aurora sculpture and fountain by Ruth Asawa near Pier 14 in SF, CA. Also seen in TrailStartsHere Video #1.

Roland Jarvis, XF-103: What is the Niantic Project? Video 2Edit

Another intro video from YouTube account NianticProject pre-pended with new content (different than above Welcome Video #1):

Video found via Brandon Badgers’G+ Post on November 7th and Gregory Strike’s G+ Post on November 9th.

I was six years old... California desert. An XF-103 stuck out of a crack in the desert floor... frozen in space and time. I am Roland Jarvis, and I am not dead.


XF-103 was confirmed on Day #13 to be the image superimposed on Tycho Poster #2 sticking out where Cupid’s arrow enters the ground.

Interceptor aircraft supposedly never passed the mock-up stage:

More facts:

“Frozen in space and time” sounds similar to the story of Buck Rogers (see Comic-con Hint below).

QR Code in video leads to

There is a different and incomplete QR code on Google Maps at 35.096052, -117.940291 (Desert Butte Blvd., California City, CA 93505). +Gregory Strike says it leads to, which shows the very same Roland Jarvis video!

“Desert floor” mentioned in the video is probably Mojave Desert near California City, CA. Much of the workforce of Edwards Air Force Base, which is located just south of the city, is made up of the city’s residents. Edwards AFB is also a military aircraft test center known for many aviation breakthroughs.

See also: Photo and video from Day #13 about ADA Calibration.RolandJarvis.

Anonymous Tips (805 3NIA OPS)Edit

Brandon Badger who is Project Manager for Niantic Labs @ Google posted this on Google+:


805 3NIA OPS

Full Tycho Reward FlyerEdit

@BillyKayb on Twitter posted a picture of this flyer:

Alias: Tycho

Sex: Male

Height: 5’11”

Profession: Comic Book Artist

Last known location: San Diego Area

Obsessed with Buck Rogers

(Panel Friday, July 13th, 6pm. Room 4)


Subject of Investigation

May not be mentally stable. Please photograph from a safe distance.

Post sightings to #nianticproject or call/txt (805)3NIA-OPS.

  • First photo of Tycho posted to #nianticproject each hour on 7-13-12 eligible for reward.

Calling phone: 805-364-2677 (located in Santa Barbara, CA) says Tycho was last seen in San Diego (presumably Comic-con).

There are also DTMF (dual-tone multifrequency) sounds. According to +Matt Munday, the tones are 46*251#6*0452. Using * as decimal points and # as a separator yields the lat-long coordinates for CERN: 46.251 6.0452

A clue from Day #11 shows that this flyer was created by Niantic who is apparently searching for Tycho.

See also: Comic-con Hint below, Tycho in vehicle screenshot from Welcome Video #1, and above Tycho flyer screenshot in Welcome Video #1 and in Trail Video #1.

Alternatively, NIA could be National Institute of Aerospace (NASA Langley, VA) or National Intelligence Agency. OPS could stand for a specific person (operative/agent) or refer to a mission number.

TychoSees TumblrEdit

This Tumblr link is on Tycho’s Twitter account @TychoSees, which was found via tweet from @NianticProject.

My Name is TychoEdit

If you read comics, you’ve probably seen my work a hundred times. You just don’t know it. I’m a ghost. They bring me in when some artist is late with his work. I can imitate almost anybody. Nobody knows who I am, and I like it that way.

I’ve never done any work of my own. Until now… Until these visions came. I don’t know what they mean. But I know they are significant. They are like premonitions, or some ‘revelation of secret things.’

I don’t know what they are, but since I’ve been having them, mysterious people have been watching me.

Identified as Niantic Gold Rush-era whaling ship built in Niantic, CT in 1832.

Ideas Related to TychoEdit

Tycho Brahe, 16-17th century Danish astronomer:

@NianticProject Twitter account is following NASA Kepler.

Johannes Kepler was a 16-17th century German astronomer:

Who Are NianticEdit

I don’t know who they are. Some have tried to talk to me. To ask me about the visions. I think they know more than they are telling. I have seen their logo on a card. They call themselves Niantic. I don’t know what this means.

Can You Help: Comic-Con HintEdit

If any of this means anything to you, please help me. If you can identify or decode anything in these visions, Tweet it with #nianticproject. I’m watching that stream…

I will be at Comic-Con, because I think I can learn the truth there.

Buck Rogers Panel, Friday 6-7pm, Room 4.

I know some of the people on that panel, I know they will have some insight.

Google Search reveals:

New Buck Rogers series by Howard Chaykin featuring Buck and Wilma. Howard Chaykin will be appearing at the Hermes Press Booth #1821 on Friday the 13th from 2pm-4pm, and at the Buck Rogers panel in Room 4 from 6pm-7pm afterwards.

Howard Chaykin is reviving Buck Rogers:

Exclusive poster given out at SDCC panel regarding Buck Rogers reboot:

San Diego Comic Convention, Friday, July 13th, 2012 panelists:

Session called “Hermes Press: Buck Rogers: Past, Present, and Future

Be the first to see Howard Chaykin's new Buck Rogers. Howard Chaykin (American Flagg,Time2, Black Kiss) premieres his new concept design for Hermes Press's new Buck Rogers comic book series. Chaykin, Daniel Herman (publisher, Hermes Press), Flint Dille(Transformers and G.I. Joe), and Erin Gray (Wilma Deering from the Buck Rogers TV show) will discuss the history of the character, the classic TV show, the tie-in comic books, and the all-new version of this iconic feature, along with a Q&A session.

When using the time slider on, this quote appears:

"The distinction between past present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion."

A.E. = Albert Einstein, also possibly referring to Analytical Engine? (see ADA / Ada Lovelace from November 3rd below)

Side-tracked Related Concepts: Buddhist schools, Theravada, Sarvastivadins

Watching the NOVA episode "The Fabric of the Cosmos: The Illusion of Time," and it's interesting because it seems to be agreeing with the ancient Sarvastivadin idea of past, present, and future phenomena being simultaneously present or existing from the point of view of modern physics (an idea that's highly contested by some Buddhist schools, esp. Theravada), or as Albert Einstein put it, that "the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion." Maybe the Sarvastivadins (along with Parmenides and the Eleatics) had it right after all.”

More background on Buck Rogers, one of the first Science Fiction series:

Interestingly, in one of the Buck Rogers’ storylines, the Asiatic Hans ruled North America from “15 great cities” (“Great Cities” is mentioned in Tycho Poster #3 below).

Mad Artist video - Tycho talking about Tycho Posters at SDCC:

Crazy Tycho at Comic-con: Talks about portals to another dimension

Video description:

At the very end of the Buck Rogers: Past, Present, & Future Panel by

Hermes Press, a man, familiar to Flint Dille (left most on the panel)

identified only as Tycho burst into a rant about secret messages being

communicated in past Buck Rogers episodes. He was taken out by a female

security person. The panel was largely about Howard Chaykin's bringing

Buck back to life in 2013. Erin Gray (Wilma Deering from the 80s TV

show) was in the middle of the panel. Crazy fun.

Flint Dille (G+ Profile) was born in Chicago, IL and went to UC Berkeley:

He has helped produce ARGs before: ASEK CORE ARG developed through UCLA’s media lab

Professor talks about Portals? Until they haul him off.

Clip shows University of California, Berkeley based on the sculpture in the slides:

  1. Rotante Dal Foro Centrale (1971) by Arnaldo Pomodoro at the entrance to UC Berkeley off Oxford Street.

XM Sat Study from November 2nd (below) mentions “NP Lab Portal Survey”.

“Threat and Opportunities” internal NIA memo from November 5th (below) mentions “Shaper Portals”.

See also: Niantic Investigation 1 at Comic-Con video on Day #11 below.

Tycho PostersEdit

@NianticProject tweets:

@tychosees: Render unto Caesar...Shift perspectives and you will see.

Use Caesarian Shift (substitution) cipher rot-N decoder:

Tycho Poster 1 of 5Edit

Save as filename: tumblr_m6yyrfk7cO1racc4io1_1280


Are those numbers seen in the top half of the map outline? (22._ _ _)?

Map outline is Switzerland.

Poster shows Dome of Science and Innovation at CERN. @NianticProject Twitter account is following CERN, and CERN is located near Geneva in Switzerland. Calling 805-3NIA-OPS leads to DTMF signals that decode to lat-long of CERN: 46.251 6.0452

CERN is a high-energy particle physics research laboratory in Europe. It’s the birthplace of the World Wide Web and houses the LHC, largest particle collider in the world.

Epiphany Coming

+1 Tibqfst, mjlf boz puifs qbsbtjuf bmxbzt tffl ofx iptut jo psefs up fyqboe uifjs

ljohepn. uifsf't pof mbx zpv dbo iboh zpvs ibu po, fwfszxifsf. fwfsz gpsn pg

mjgf xbout up uisjwf.


+1 Shapers, like any other parasite always seek new hosts in order to expand

their kingdom. There's one law you can hang your hat on, everywhere. Every form

of life wants to thrive.

(See also: Field Trip App Niantic Data Repository screenshot on Day #10 below.)

Tycho Poster 2 of 5Edit

Save as filename: tumblr_m6z00gy5jG1racc4io1_1280


Drawing where the arrow enters the ground confirmed to be Roland Jarvis’ description of an XF-103 seen on Day #13.

Map outline is California.

“Cupid’s Span” Large Bow and Arrow Monument in Rincon Park in San Francisco, California

Approximate lat-long: 37.791727,-122.390062

  1. A sculpture, "Cupid's Span" by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, was built in 2003 along the Rincon Park area. Resembling Cupid's bow and arrow with the arrow implanted in the ground, the statue was inspired by San Francisco's reputation as the home port of Eros, hence the stereotypical bow and arrow of Cupid.
  2. Seen from its "stern," the bow-as-boat seems to be tacking on its course toward the white tower of the city's Ferry Building
  3. The Embarcadero is the eastern waterfront and roadway of the Port of San Francisco along the Bay

Enlightenment is upon us

+2 Vjku ngf vq c fkuvwtdkpi rgtkqf. Ycu K c rncikctkuv? Dwv kh uq htqo yjqo?

Yjgtg fkf oa kfgcu eqog htqo? Yjgtg fkf cpadqfa'u kfgcu eqog htqo?



This led to a disturbing period. Was I a plagiarist? But if so from whom? Where

did my ideas come from? Where did anybody's ideas come from?

(See also: Field Trip App Niantic Data Repository screenshot on Day #10 below.)

Tycho Poster 3 of 5Edit

Notes: headless statue (monk? buddha?), country outline? = Afghanistan

Ancient Buddha Statue in Monastery/Temple in Mes Aynak, Afghanistan

Approximate lat-long: 34.4, 69.367

Mes Aynak (“Little Copper Well”) is an archeological dig site located southeast of Kabul in Afghanistan.

Close your eyes

Cover your ears


+3 L dp qrw txdolilhg wr whvwlib derxw Vkdshu Wkhrub, exw L nqrz wkdw vrph

sodfhv duh vshfldo. Juhdw Flwlhv duh qhduob dozdbv irxqghg rq sodfhv wkdw duh

vwurqj zlwk d fhuwdlq wbsh ri AP. qldqwlfsurmhfw.frp

N = 23

I am not qualified to testify about Shaper Theory, but I know that some

places are special. Great Cities are nearly always founded on places that are

strong with a certain type of XM.

(See also: Field Trip App Niantic Data Repository screenshot on Day #10 below.)

Tycho Poster 4 of 5Edit


What is the cat skull / bird’s nest / owl in upper left?

“Monument to the Revolution of the People in Moslavina” in Podgarić, Croatia

World War II memorial for fallen partisans in ex-Yugoslavia and a symbol of Communist pride:

Approx. lat-long: 45.641213,16.777794 OR 45.640028,16.776932,+16.777778&sll=45.639996,16.776909&hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=45.640744,16.776338&spn=0.001675,0.004128&t=h&z=19&vpsrc=6&iwloc=A

We have dialtone (These words were also mentioned in Devra’s “Contact” audio clip on Day #4 below)

+4 Alex mj xlic evi epviehc eqsrk yw, fyx ai hsr'x viepmdi mx, figeywi ai hsr'x xlmro sj xliq ew pmji jsvqw ex epp? Erh xli oic asvh livi mw "xlmro". E xlsyklx zmvyw. rmerxmgtvsnigx.gsq


What if they are already among us, but we don't realize it, because we don't think of them as life forms at all? And the key word here is "think". A thought virus.

(See also: Field Trip App Niantic Data Repository screenshot on Day #10 below.)

Tycho Poster 5 of 5Edit

Save as filename: tumblr_m6z0szjMXm1racc4io1_1280

Also see Tycho Poster #5 released on Day #3 on site (not on Tumblr--similar, but different with QR Codes).


Drawing of 3D box on statue? (In real life, that is where Alfred Escher’s name is displayed.)

  1. Hexahedron or cube (maybe related to dice or M.C. Escher illusion?)
  2. On the almost identical picture available day 1 from, ( )two faint QR codes are visible on the top left and right of the image

Map outline same as Poster #1: Switzerland

“Die” could mean death, dice, or “the” in German.

Alfred Escher statue in front of Central Station (main train station) in The Bahnhofplatz (Train Station Plaza) in Zurich, Switzerland.

Approx. lat-long:

19th century Swiss politician and railway pioneer:

Dates on statue are 1819-1882.

2 will die?

+5 "Jajwd tujwfynts wjfhmjx f wnxp-fxxjxxrjsy xyflj. Fy ymnx utnsy, rd ijyjwrnsfynts nx ymfy Snfsynh nx hfzxnsl rtwj ywtzgqj ymfs ny nx btwym." snfsynhuwtojhy.htr


"Every operation reaches a risk-assessment stage. At this point, my determination is that Niantic is causing more trouble than it is worth."

(See also: Field Trip App Niantic Data Repository screenshot on Day #10 below.)

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