Dronenet is a feature that was added in Ingress Prime 2.48, as Drone Mark I. Agents can deploy a drone to a Portal, and hack it to obtain items, with the sole exception of Portal KeysPortal Key. If an Agent inputs the glyph "more" during the command sequence, it will return as an invalid command. The Drone can only be moved once per hour, and the Portal can only be hacked once per visit.

Operating the Drone Edit

There will be a red dot on the menu button when the Drone is ready to move. Agents can press that button and click Dronenet on the left side of their Scanner. The Drone will follow the Agent's position until the Drone is deployed. The Agent can select any nearby visible Portal. The selected Portal's name, image, and level will display, with a confirmation button. The Agent can select "MOVE" to visit that Portal, or "CANCEL" to keep the drone. They do not have to select "CANCEL" to select a different Portal for visiting.

When a Portal has been visited, an hour cooldown starts and, an animation occurs, showing the Drone move from its last position to the new target. The Agent then can click that Portal and hack it, or glyph hack it. Hacking it again displays a burnout error, which is not true. The Portal visited can only be hacked once per visit, and the Drone must be moved to a different Portal to hack again. Portal KeysPortal Key are unobtainable with Drone hacks. An Agent can move the Drone back and forth to hack the same Portal they visited earlier. If a Portal's alignment changes, the Drone is forcibly recalled back to the Agent.

Drone Atop RES Portal

A Drone deployed on a Resistance Portal.

Strategy Edit

  • An Agent can venture out for Level 7 and Level 8 Portals and deploy Drones on them to get high-level Gear. Some Agents also use hour-long timers to alert them when the Drone can move since Ingress does not send notifications about the Drone. It is also a tool for keeping Sojourner streaks since Drone Hacks do count toward Sojourner.
  • Agents can also use the Drone to visit new unique Portals with it, venturing out with it, visiting as many portals as they can, or venturing out as far as they can. Drone visits do not count toward Explorer.

Stats Edit

There have also been new stats since the addition of Dronenet:

  1. Unique Portals Drone Visited
    • The number of unique Portals an Agent's Drone visited.
  2. Furthest Drone Distance
    • The distance (as a straight line) the Drone flew from the Portal it was first deployed to, to its last Portal.
  3. Drone Hacks
    • The number of Hacks done via Drone.
  4. Forced Drone Recalls
    • The number of times an Agent's Drone was forcibly recalled due to the host Portal's alignment change (neutralized or flipped).

Trivia Edit

  • When in Drone Footage view, the Drone's rotation will follow the Agent's.
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