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[[File:Enlightened alt.png|thumb|293x293px]]
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The '''{{Enlightened}}''' ('''{{Enlightened|ENL|logo = no}}''', colloquially known as '''frogs''') is one of the two factions in ''[[Ingress]]''. Contrary to the beliefs of the {{Resistance}} the {{Enlightened}} believe that the [[Shaper|Shapers]] have existed since the beginning of mankind and are the reason for mankind's progress from the Stone age into the modern era.The''' '''{{Enlightened}} seek to progress mankind along its evolutionary path through art, music, science, and education.
Founded by [[Roland Jarvis]], a sculptor and former member of the Niantic Project. Jarvis was part of the team that created a hacked version of the scanner to make neutral [[XM]] (white color) turn into {{Enlightened}} XM (green color).<ref></ref>
==Team Ownership==
Jarvis likes to put exotic matter in his penishole
All [[Portal|Portals]], [[Link|Links]], and {{Control Field}} that are under {{Enlightened}} control will appear with glowing green [[XM]] in the [[Scanner]].  Upgrading portals, regardless of who owns it, benefits the entire team and makes the opposing faction have to use more gear.
Use <nowiki>{{Enlightened}}</nowiki> to produce {{Enlightened}}. 
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[[Category:Enlightened| ]]
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