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The EnlightenedEnlightened Logo.png believe that the Shapers have been around since the beginning of mankind. The Enlightened believe that the Shapers are the reason for mankind's progress from the Stone age into modern time.The Enlightened seek to progress mankind along its evolutionary path through art, music, science and education.


Founded by Roland Jarvis, a sculptor and former member of the Ninatic Project. Jarvis was part of the team that created a hacked version the scanner to make neutral XM (white color) turn into enlightend XM (green color).[1]

Team Ownership

All Portals, Links, and Control Field Δ that are under Enlightened control will appear with glowing green XM in the Scanner.  Upgrading portals  the entire team, regardless of who owns it.  

Use {{Enlightened}} to produce EnlightenedEnlightened Logo.png


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