XM Glyph

Exotic Matter or XM is a resource collected by the Scanner and drained with most actions made with the scanner. XM is represented as glowing bluish-white dots throughout the world. XM tends to appear more around areas of high mobile phone usage, such as public transport stops and city centers. XM also appears clustered around a Portal. The scanner stores XM and uses it to perform most actions other than collecting more XM and restoring XM via a Power Cube. If the XM stored reaches critical levels (below 1%) the scanner will become disabled until sufficient XM has been restored. In addition to being unable to perform any actions that require XM, a disabled scanner may not be able to perform other actions such as viewing resonators or mods. A disabled scanner can still activate a Power Cube and Recycle items.

To acquire XM from the ground, the scanner needs to be brought within the action range (40 meters, shown by the orange ring); the XM will be drawn to the scanner and added to the total carried. XM can be collected about every 3 seconds.[Outdated] XM can also be obtained by using Passcodes, Power Cube Power Cube and Recycling items The XM collected disappears from the game until it naturally regenerates after about 25 minutes.

The bar next to your level shows how much XM you have relative to your total capacity. Capacity increases along with your level. Once you have reached 100%, you cannot pick up any additional XM.

Access Level XM Capacity
L 1 3,000
L 2 4,000
L 3 5,000
L 4 6,000
L 5 7,000
L 6 8,000
L 7 9,000
L 8 10,000
L 9 11,500
L 10 13,000
L 11 14,500
L 12 16,000
L 13 17,500
L 14 19,000
L 15 20,500
L 16 22,000