Factions are teams in Ingress. The two factions are the Enlightened Enlightend Logo and Resistance Resistance Logo, who constantly fight each other for control over Portals and MU.

Faction Change Edit

With sufficiently good justification, Agents can request a Faction Change (FC). All agent's owned items and entities will be destroyed; agent will start again as Level 1 with 0 AP.[1] However, Agent's username, stats and badges remain.[2] Even though Niantic officially states that only one FC is allowed per player, there have been rare exceptions to this rule.


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The Resistance Resistance Logo (RES, colloquially known as smurfs) is one of the two factions in Ingress, represented blue within the game. Where the Enlightened Enlightend Logo are convinced the Shapers are trying to help humanity evolve, the Resistance Resistance Logo believes Shapers are here for their own purposes and want to protect humanity from the Shaper influence. As a result the Resistance Resistance Logo and Enlightened Enlightend Logo are in a constant state of war for control over portals and mind control fields.

All of the Resistance's Portals, Links, and Control Field Δ will appear blue on the Scanner.

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