Community Guidelines Edit

Niantic has published community guidelines for agents to follow when interacting with other agents and with non players. Agents are required to:

  • Respect the community
  • Treat other players and bystanders with respect and courtesy and conduct yourself in an appropriate manner while playing Ingress. In particular:
    • Never do anything that can be perceived as harassment.
    • Respect privacy. Do not reveal real names or physical addresses, even if the other player has put it out there. Do not reveal information about bystanders or others.
    • Don't trespass while playing Ingress.
    • Don't engage trolls, either physically or in game. Block and report to Niantic and/or the proper authorities. Don't troll other players, either physically or in game.
    • Don't spam.
    • Don't send inappropriate pictures or content via portal editing or COMM. Put simply: don't be a dick.[1]
    • Don't cheat. [2]
  • Niantic says they enforce these policies. Experience has shown that many different agents reporting a single agent multiple times may result in the company taking action against the offending player(s).

Reporting rules violations Edit

Reporting to Niantic Edit

Niantic's Help Pages have a link on the right side of every page where you can submit information about rules violations. If you are submitting a complaint for the first time, you will be asked to confirm your request via email. This will create an account with Niantic Support and submit your complaint for review. If you are reporting multiple agents, you will be asked to submit a separate complaint for each agent.

Niantic's request menu has several options for reporting different kinds of violations. Among them are:

  • Report inappropriate gameplay
    • Multiple accounts/account sharing
    • Account buying/sellling
    • GPS spoofing
  • Report inappropriate behavior¹
    • Excessive, unwanted @-messaging
    • Excessive, offensive/inappropriate language
    • Threats to report me for abuse/cheating
    • Inappropriate Mission content
    • Inappropriate codename
    • Personal threats of violence
    • Hate speech
    • Revealing personal/confidential information
    • Other
    • Spam
  • Report trespassing
    • Your property
    • Someone else's property

¹ A menu change now requires that you acknowledge the Niantic policy of never revealing sources of complaints or actions taken toward offenders. It also encourages victims to block abusive agents before reporting them.

Reporting to legal authorities Edit

If you are in physical danger from another player, get to a safe place and inform the authorities. If you fear physical or legal threats from another player, inform the authorities. You may need to provide screenshots of COMM interactions, private messages, or emails to support your claims.

List of emergency telephone numbers

How to take a screenshot

Documenting abuse in Ingress: Screenshots (US information)

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