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The Intel tab of the OPS Menu displays regional and global Mind Unit scores, as well as the regional leaderboard.

It also counts down the time remaining in the current Checkpoint and Cycle.

Global View Edit

The Global View is the initial page of the Intel tab, prominently featuring a rotating globe, score bars and time plot of global Faction MU, access to the global scoring history, and access to Regional Scores.

Patches of the globe are colored according to the MU totals of the areas underneath, heavily stylized across regions and geographies. The globe is identical to the one seen in the boot-up animation.

The global score bars and time plots show the total number of MU under current control of each faction. The score bars' length is relative to 700,000,000 MU, and the time plot is relative to the highest score during a Checkpoint in the current Cycle.

Tapping 'History' allows an agent to see historical scores and globe during past Checkpoints. Agents can access comprehensive scoring history for each Checkpoint since the game's introduction.

Regional Scores Edit

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The Regional Scores view shows the current MU control and total scoring of agents active in the viewer's current Region.

While the regional and global scores are tabulated once at checkpoint, top-agent scores are cumulative during the time leading up to the previous checkpoint. That is, only Control Fields standing at the checkpoint time count towards regional and global scores, but the total MU of all fields created by a given agent counts towards his or her standing on the leaderboard, regardless if the fields are standing at the checkpoint.

Top-agent scores are reset at the beginning of each Checkpoint.

Tapping the Cell Activity button allows the agent to observe the scoring in the eight regions that border the current region.