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The JARVIS Virus is the Enlightened Enlightend Logo Flip Card, a weapon that instantly switches a Resistance portal to Enlightened control. It was introduced in scanner update 1.26.0 and has Very Rare rarity. The item's functionality is identical to the ADA Refactor, except it can only be used on Resistance portals.

Despite Roland Jarvis's affiliation with the Enlightened, the JARVIS Virus can be used by agents of both factions. Community studies suggest that the item's drop rate is always 1 in 2500 hacking rolls, regardless of the faction of the agent and the portal.

When an Enlightened player uses a JARVIS Virus to flip a Resistance portal, ownership of the portal, it's mods, and it's resonators will transfer to that player.

When a Resistance player uses a JARVIS Virus to flip a Resistance portal, ownership of the portal, its mods, and its resonators will transfer to the __JARVIS__ special account.

Lore Edit

Like other in-game items, the JARVIS Virus is a construct made of XM that coalesces when a human hacks a portal.

The code that forms XM into a JARVIS Virus appeared in Earth's XM fabric during the events of the #13MAGNUS anomaly, shortly after Roland Jarvis's consciousness was imprinted on pure XM and fractured into Shards. It's unknown if Jarvis's conscience developed the Virus after becoming pure XM, or if its appearance is a consequence of the transformation itself.

Similarly to the XMP and the Ultra Strike, the JARVIS Virus contains a massive amount of compressed structured XM at its core. Unlike the other weapons, the JARVIS Virus's XM matrix isn't a destructive explosive, but a tiny piece of Roland Jarvis's transmuted consciousness wrapped in disruptive logic.

When an agent pours massive amounts of XM into the item, the structured XM begins to interfere with the target portal, weakening the internal XM matrix of its resonators and mods and loosening their bonds to the Resistance minds that created them. The XM then awakens and empowers the Roland Jarvis piece, which enters the weakened target. The intense Enlightened willpower and ideology restructures the vulnerable portal, making it incompatible with Resistance constructs and friendly to Enlightened agents. The fully structured XM is insufficient to host the Jarvis intelligence, which ceases to exist.

If the deploying agent is Enlightened, his or her affinity with Enlightened ideals causes Jarvis to grant custody of the portal to the agent. Otherwise, the portal's newly-imprinted ideology is incompatible with the agent, and the Jarvis consciousness goes dormant within the portal, awaiting the completed Roland Jarvis to reclaim it.

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