Linking patterns or fielding patterns are different ways in the game to arrange Links and Control Fields Δ.

Field Maximization Edit

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Many linking patterns or algorithms have been developed with the goal of maximizing the number of fields or field layers out of a set of portals. These include Pyramid Fields, Cobweb Fields, Fan Fields and others.

Link Star Edit

Cross-faction Link Star

Cross-faction link star.[1]

Link Stars are formations where many links are created to a single destination portal. Typically link stars are linked outside-in, because there is a low limit of 8 outbound links from a portal (can be raised to 40 with SBUL). Thus creating a large link star requires extensive farming for Portal KeyPortal Keys for the anchor portal. There can be up to 8192 inbound links.[2]

Most link star events are organized independently by players, as a recreational event. However, Niantic's 2018 Dark XM Cure event required the creation of link stars with at least 50 links at predetermined portals.[3]

The creation of link stars requires clearing out areas of enemy portals, and also friendly links — often requiring lots of Flip Cards. With a single anchor, obviously the whole link star must be created by a single faction. However, have also been cross-faction link star events with a few separate anchor portals.

Trivia: The world record is held by Enlightened agents in a link star connecting multiple Northern European countries to Sweden. The limit of 8192 inbound links was reached.[2]

Field Art Edit

Phoenix Field Art in Moscow

"Phoenix" Field Art in Moscow.[4]

Field Art refers to using links and fields to create images or visually pleasing formations. Field art operations are very commonly player-organized cross-faction events, where faction colors are used as "colors" in the art. Having both factions present also makes it much easier to clear out areas, without the use of Flip Cards.

Trivia: During the Dark XM Cure event, Helsinki Enlightened Enlightend Logo players designed a cross-faction field art in central Helsinki, as a trick to get help from Resistance players in keeping strategic portals clear and linkable. The field art was a success, but ultimately the Enlightened did not achieve the objective of linking to Tampere.[5]

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Throwing Blankets Edit

Blankets are Control Fields Δ created over large land areas -- often whole cities -- as a competition between hardcore players to establish their faction's dominance over the area. A blanket field prevents players within (of either faction) from creating links and fields, and as such is a nuisance to casual players. Blankets with many layers can even completely obscure the street map in the Scanner.

References Edit

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