Liu Tien Hua
Liu Tien Hua
Vital statistics
Position Security officer
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Liu Tien Hua is in charge of the security department of Hulong.

History Edit

"Begin – Danger – Message" Edit

When there is an explosion at Hulong, police officers arrive at the scene. Liu arrives with two bodyguards and announces that it’s time for the detectives to leave, as the matter was now under Hulong Corporate Security jurisdiction, and hands the main detective a phone in which they are told to leave again, so they do just that.

Afterwards, when Sarah Coppola leaves with Makoto Midorikawa, Liu calls his men idiots for letting her escape. They say Jack - Brandt’s bodyguard took her and that he can read memories.

"Escape - Past - Destiny" Edit

Liu sends agents to the parking lot where Jack, Sarah, and Makoto are at. He orders Sarah to be captured alive and the rest killed. He then arrives at the parking lot where his men were killed and orders a helicopter to look for the targets and to get a sniper ready. He reveals Jack is part of the Resistance, and that he has the ability to “Flash Forward” with XM and see different possibilities.

When Jack escapes his helicopter attack, Liu orders his men to find him, while deciding to take matters into his own hands for Makoto and Sarah.

Liu is annoyed at his agents who weren’t able to catch the two running off. However, they have a tracker on Jack, which they reveal to be going to a Tokyo train station.

Liu with Sarah’s phone connected to a computer finds out they’re going to his laboratory in Kyoto. He orders his men to go, as Sarah is their priority.

"Advance – Discover – Conflict" Edit

Liu's agents are on the train Sarah and Makoto are using to go to Kyoto and inform their boss the next stop would be in over an hour. Liu orders them to capture their target and kill the psychic. However, a conflict arises and Liu's men are defeated by Jack.

Liu is told by his boss that he needs to find Sarah and respect the gravity of the situation. He is also mentioned Christopher Brandt was ahead of him and carefully orchestrated Sarah's escape, his plan dying with him. Hulong's plan was already in motion and it could not succeed without her. Another problem was the fact that people were talking about the explosion, and it is his responsibility to make sure that does not happen. Liu assures everything will be handled within 24 hours.

He sends more men to the facility and goes on a helicopter himself. Liu's men enter the facility. Jack jumps to fight them, but is shot and falls. Sarah and Makoto run away, while Liu laughs from his helicopter because he has them right where he wants them and Sarah could not run from her destiny forever.

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