Lore is the term often given to the story behind all of the scanner mechanics and gameplay. The term Investigation is also used as the initial intel and information about Niantic and Ingress came from an Investigation into the Niantic Project. Lore has been spread through many platforms and media types. The concept of TINAG is employed when discussing lore. Ingress Players are often referred to as Agents and those that follow and research lore are often called Investigators. Characters are often referred to as Niantic Researchers, persons of interest or their job title.

The first major Lore source/event was from the July 2012 Comic Con held in San Francisco, California, USA. During a convention panel, Tycho made an appearance. Posters and cards were also handed out during the con. See this page for more information.

After that event, the next major lore source came from the appearance November 1, 2012 of the Niantic Project Investigation website.

As more and more lore was shared, other sources appeared including:

  • Niantic Project and Ingress Graphic Novels/Comics
  • Niantic Researchers and Persons of Interest g+ pages
  • Niantic Researchers and Persons of Interest Online chats and forum postings
  • Anomaly and Storyline Events
  • Physical Media drops at events
  • Public appearances by Niantic Researchers and Persons of Interest
  • The Ingress Report video series
  • Ingress YouTube Channel
  • Niantic Project YouTube Channel
  • Felicia Hajra-Lee Publications
  • Ingress -The Niantic Project Files (4 book series)
  • Scanner Media Drops
  • Investigate Ingress website
  • The Ingress Anime
  • The Dunraven Foundation website
  • Investigate Reddit site
  • Ingress Forum Board - Investigation and Truthseeker Topics
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