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Eos Protocol - Eos Imprint [ Active]
[26. May 2022 1600 UTC - 06. June 2022 1600 UTC]
  • Links shorter than 8km can be created under Control Fields Δ (all other conditions still apply)
  • Dronenet cooldown reduced to 9 minutes.
  • During the event Agents can accumulate EOS Points for certain actions:
    • 25 points for each Control Field Δ of 50k+ MUs created.
    • 16 points for each Portal Scan successfully uploaded.
    • 9 points for each Link of 1km+ in length created.
    • 4 points for each Portal captured.
    • 1 point for each Glyph correctly drawn.
  • An Eos Imprint-medal can be earned in the three tiers for accumulating EOS Points:
    • Bronze: 2 000 points.
    • Silver: 4 000 points.
    • Gold: 8 000 points.

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