Media are items that contain hyperlinks to content outside of the Scanner. Unlike other items, Media can only be produced during certain timeframes, and some can only be produced from specific Portals.

All Media is Level 1, is listed with a Very Common rarity, and can be recycled for 20 XM. Like Portal Keys, a Media will not drop if another Media with the same name is in the agent's inventory. Dropping the Media or placing it in a Capsule will enable an agent to receive additional copies. No systematic community studies have been performed to determine the Media drop rate.


Media items appear as cubes when recycling or when dropped.

Contents Edit

All Media have a title, an image, and a hyperlink.

The most common Media is Ingress Reports, released occasionally on Thursdays and containing links to YouTube videos.

Media have also promoted official merchandise, such as the Ingress Origins Media that dropped from retailers and linked to a pre-order form.

Many of the videos and pictures linked from Media have contained well-hidden Passcodes.

Strategy Edit

Media have no gameplay utility. Many agents consider them a nuisance, and drop or recycle them immediately to free up inventory space.

Some agents collect the items. Media from the altered-reality games leading up to the #13MAGNUS and Shonin Anomalies contain obfuscated data used in side events and are particularly sought-after.

A popular prank is to load Media into a Capsule, then drop it near an enemy player to disappoint him or her and waste game time.

Trivia Edit

Media and Portal Keys are the only items whose 3D models can't be viewed from the Inventory.

Media is one of the only item types that's available in a single level, along with Capsules, Mods, and Powerups. Other leveled items can be found from L1 to L8, and a Key's level changes with the corresponding Portal.

Media is the only item type without an in-game description.

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