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  • Glad to see you actively editing and contributing to this wiki. I am currently reformatting the pages as well as adding needed content. Despite our factions' opposition I look forward to seeing more contributions from you here.

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  • Long time no talk, Juper! Remember me from WARFRAME Wiki?

    Good to see you still active and well in other wikis, by the ways. I was worried you'd already be dead in all the wikis you visit, and for that I wanted to ask a question: You're a Terraria fan, right? I've seen you done alot of edits in their wikia.

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    • so sorry i have not got back to you on this. i have been away from the computer for a while.

      Congrats on being an Admin there! I can give you some pointers and help with some background things. but in general, I am not available for work on a wiki. too busy playing ingress =p

      There is a lot of little things to know. but in the end it is about updating, presentation, and consistency. well, i think it is. and that first page needs to be the window into the whole site. i think it is not easy to know what visitors want as the statistics given don't give much raw data. but looking at what gets the most edits helps. If you are the lead admin, then you might want to start by building the "style guide" so that people know what to expect and the standard they are going to be held to. this will remove a lot of petty arguments. Find a style guide from another wiki you like, copy and past, then modify for Terraria: Other World. The tarraria style guide is pretty good.

      plug into the community when they write blogs. and write your own for them to read and comment on. ignore flamers. they just want a rise out of people. use the twitter app. link facebook and write to the facebook wall. post int he otherworld forums, even if only occasionally. PROMOTE! do everything you can to get the word out. sand box games are a HUGE number of assets and mechanics. you are not being paid to do this and you will burn out if you don't have a big community.

      I got a bit lucky with Warframe. it was the only wiki for warframe that got very far. so everyone came to it. i like to think that i lead it, but really, it was the community at large that did the work. all i did was uphold a few rules. you might say i "crafted the attitude of the community." but as for the visual of the wiki, you and the other admins and the rest of the community are the reason for its success. build a good team, and the wiki will just work.

      please remember this: Assume good faith. some people just make mistakes. some think they know best, and have genuine desire to see the wiki improve. some really are trolling. you are not the police. you are a professional representing your self, family, city, interests, and everything else you consider yourself a part of. read lots. respond rarely. and politely. even if they really are a d-bag.

      if you have any other questions, please let me know. feel free to add me in steam (#Juper0). let me know your name so i know to add you back. good luck and happy wiki'ing

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    • Juper0 wrote: and do you play ingress?

      But I do! Hello! Remember me too from Warframe Wikia? I was very surprised to find you here ahaha didn't expect it! And I'm Enlightened too ;)

      While trying to correct a image file name of a glyph and finding out I couldn't, I found you :D

      Well I'll leave the job to you then :D

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  • Hi, welcome to Ingress Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Access Points page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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