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Operation Portal Recon (OPR, is a web application from Niantic Labs that provides crowdsourced verification of new portal submissions and portal edits. It is accessible to agents Level 12 and higher[1] who pass a quiz to demonstrate their knowledge of the candidate portal criteria. Through OPR, agents can indicate whether a candidate portal is suitable to be included in the portal network. This allows Niantic Labs to leverage the knowledge of local agents.

OPR performance great

Agent's performance being rated "Great" on OPR.

The Recon medal is awarded to agents that participate on OPR. The performance of agents participating on OPR is rated on a scale of "Poor", "Good" and "Great". As long as the agent's rating is "Good" or "Great", the number of agreements counts towards the medal (that is, when the agent's vote matches the ultimate fate of the submission).

Portals created through OPR frequently also appear as PokeStops or Gyms in Niantic's Pokemon GO game.[2]

History Edit

OPR opened to the public on 25 September 2017.[3] Before that, rating new portal submissions was done by Niantic staff. To limit the workload, submissions were disallowed in many parts of the world.[4]

Since 5 June 2018, portal edits (name, description and location changes) can also be rated on OPR.

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