The choice of a phone has an effect on Ingress gameplay.

While Ingress runs well on both Android and iPhone, there are a few drawbacks when using iPhone:

  • iPhone has no Back button. The Android Back button is useful for creating multiple links quickly.
  • Passcodes cannot be redeemed directly from the iPhone Ingress app. You can use the Intel Map web app for redeeming.
  • Ingress does not support vibration on iPhones. Vibration can be a helpful feedback during Glyph Hacking.
  • On Android, you can press the Home or screen off button to cancel and re-try a Glyph Hack sequence. On iPhones, this does not work.

Trivia Edit

  • The Ultra Strike item was initially an exclusive on selected Motorola devices.
  • Ingress was initially Android-only, and released for iOS in July 2014.