Viewing the Portal Mods deployed on a portal: A Very Rare Portal Shield and a Link Amp

A Portal Mod (short for Portal Modifier, also simply known as Mod) is a type of item that modifies a portal. Six Mods exist, including two sponsored Mods. Most Portal Mods come in Common, Rare, and Very Rare rarities.

Four Portal Mods can be deployed per portal, however, only two can be deployed per agent per portal. Once deployed, a Mod cannot be removed or upgraded, except when attacked by the enemy faction.

Portal Mods are independent of Resonator deployment and Portal level.

Portal Mod Types

Mod Kinds Description
Portal Shield Common


Very Rare


Mitigates damage from enemy attacks.
Force Amp
Force Amp
Rare Increases the XM drain of an enemy when counterattack.
Main article: Force Amp

A Force Amp is a Mod that

Heat Sink

Main article: Heat Sink

A Heat Sink is a Mod that decreases cooldown time between Hacks and resets the burnout timer for the agent who deployed it.

Link Amp

Main article: Link Amp

A Link Amp is a Mod that increases the maximum outgoing Link length from a portal.


Main article: Multi-hack

A Multi-hack is a Mod that increases the number of times a portal can be Hacked before burnout occurs.

Portal Shield

Main article: Portal Shield


Main article: Turret

A Turret is a Mod that increases the probability of a counterattack.

Ito En Transmuter

Main article: Ito En Transmuter

The ITO EN Transmuter mods change the portal's hack output to either defensive or offensive items.

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