Recycling Resonator

Resonator recycling animation.

Most items in Agent's Inventory can be Recycled to replenish the XM bar or to get rid of unwanted items.

Most ordinary items have quite low recycle value and must be recycled in bulk to have significant effect on the agent's XM bar. Exceptions to this are Power Cubes and Portal Keys.

Some items cannot be recycled, most notably Lawson and Circle-K Power Cubes and also, items purchased from the Store (Frackers, Beacons, Key Lockers).

Recycle Value Edit

Item Kind Recycle Value
Power Cube Power Cube 1000 - 8000 XM
(1000 × item level)
Same as "USE" value.
Portal KeyPortal Key 500 XM
Very Common items: 20 - 160 XM
(20 × item level)
Capsule 80 XM + value of contained items
Quantum Capsule 100 XM + value of contained items
Common Portal Mods 40 XM
Rare Portal Mods 80 XM
100 XM
Media 20 XM
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