The Scout medal is awarded by uploading Portal Scans and aiding in AR research efforts.

Requirements Edit

For an Agent to be able to upload Portal Scans, they have to be Level 8 or recursed, and have a supported device to allow Scanning. If an Agent doesn't meet the eligibility requirements, the Scanning option won't appear on their Scanner.

Here are the device requirements for Scanning:

  • (iOS) iPhone 6S or newer, running iOS 11 and up.
  • (Android) Android 7 and up, supporting Google Play Services for AR.

Mechanics Edit

When Scanning, an Agent will keep the Portal within the frame, and walk around the Portal, to capture a 3D map of the Portal. If a Portal is too large, multiple Scans are allowed, and if an Agent cannot walk around the Portal for any reason, a 180-degree Scan is also allowed. Successfully submitted and approved Scans count toward this Medal.

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