Ingress Store in Scanner

Ingress Store in the Scanner.

Ingress Store is a feature where special Items called Powerups can be bought. These items are not otherwise available via Hacking and vice versa: hackable items cannot be bought in the store. Items purchased from the Store cannot be dropped or given to other Agents.

The Store can be accessed using the "Store" tab in the "OPS" screen.

Chaotic Matter Units Edit

Items are bought in exchange for Chaotic Matter Units (CMU), an in-game currency that can be purchased for real-world money. The exchange rate varies based on the number of units bought:

2500 1.99 1256 1.99 1256
7000 5.49 1275 4.99 1403
15,000 10.99 1365 9.99 1502
32,000 21.99 1455 19.99 1601
90,000 49.99 1800 49.99 1800
200,000 109.99 1818 99.99 2000

Basically, if you buy in EUR, you are getting ripped off bigtime.

Store Items Edit

Item Nr × Price Description
Key Locker

Key Locker Green

3700 CMU
5 × 2980 CMU
Capsule-like items for storing extra Portal KeysPortal Key. Keys that are in the Locker do not count towards the Inventory limit of 2000 items.
Portal Fracker

Portal Fracker

2400 CMU
5 × 1920 CMU
10 × 1490 CMU
Double a Portal's Hacking output for up to 10 minutes for all agents.

Beacon Meetup

3 × 433 CMU Can be used to mark certain portals, visible to other agents in the Scanner.