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XM Sensitive, host of the Ingress Report[]

Prior to the IR and the world of Ingress, her father Nigel Moyer was one of the earliest known modern XM researchers, having worked at Bletchley Park during WWII.

After seeing how XM impacted the code breakers at Bletchley during the war, He dosed his entire family-himself, his wife Erica, his son Peter and Susanna-his daughter to XM. Susanna and Peter (who was severely sick) began to see the benefits of XM, Peter somehow managing to heal from his illness.

Erica, on the other hand, began to be negatively impacted by the exposure and, on their way home from an event one night, went insane and drove them off the bridge into a lake. Peter and Erica would die while Susanna and Nigel would survive.

Eventually, Susanna would go onto work for the NIA, who would offer her a unique opportunity: To create the Ingress Report. She would take the offer.

During Operation Cassandra, Susanna would be forced to flee her studio and go underground to report on the events of the anomalies after she was threatened to not report on it. She would remain on the run until after Cassandra’s end. She would eventually confront Ken Owen-one of the main operators of the NIA-on the matter, learning that a subsection of the NIA may have been responsible. To this day no one has stepped forward to claim credit for what happened.

She would be outed during Operation 13MAGNUS as an NIA Operative and then abandon NIA funding after 13MAGNUS ended. She has since made the Ingress Report independent.

During the Intertius Anomaly Series, Nigel went missing and left behind “Intertius” as the only clue to his whereabouts. Susanna followed the trail vigorously, discovering in the process that during his time at Bletchley, Nigel noticed that someone on the team had been influenced by the Shapers and murdered Alan Turing, the creator of the modern computer. That person may have been a part of 13MAGNUS, who was charged (possibly by the Shapers) to protect humanity from the rise of Artificial Intelligence for as long as possible. She also learned that the Shapers feared AI development.

She eventually found her father, who was helping Hank Johnson survive his impending Recursion.

At the start of 2016, Susanna began reporting from a brand new studio.

Aegis Nova[]

At the start of Aegis Nova, Susanna was reached out to by Nigel, who had warned her of the “Aegis Nova”-a powerful XM artifact that could be used as a specialized weapon. She learned that Nigel had researched the Nova extensively, ultimately discovering how it could be activated and utilized. Nigel had, out of fear of the Aegis’s power and what it would do to the world, encrypted it and gave Susanna half the decryption key. Nigel had then been picked up by Antoine Smith, head of Strategic Explorations at the order of Jahan, to give up the data. Antoine’s interrogation methods had been over the top and Nigel would die as a result.

Via Lux[]

Susanna was not present during the events of Via Lux, she had gone off the grid during the series.

Recent Intel[]

While Susanna originally had placed intel into the world to give the perception that she was fuelled with anger at Jahan for Nigel’s death and that she was planning to head to India to confront her, new information revealed that Susanna had tricked everyone. She had instead managed to obtain a meeting with the Acolyte with the help of Hank Johnson.

Further intel would reveal that Nigel had unearthed knowledge on the most powerful and dangerous weapon yet: The “Tecthullu”.

The Acolyte brought her to the EnlightenedEnlightened Logo Compound where Moyer had learned of Klue’s stasis and was asked by the Acolyte to take Klue along with her on her journey. Moyer was also told that Klue was ‘transitioning…into something else.”

Susanna eventually confronted Oliver Lynton-Wolfe and his building of the Tecthlullu. Susanna and Klue were both absorbed into it. It is now known that she has died as a result of this event.