• I want to create a tool like this, but.. I think this Ingress wiki help a lot, is there any chance to talk about this? also i want to make a version in Spanish for LATAM people.

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    • My nick in the game is TyrantEdu1

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    • Hi! There is already something at the Spanish version of Ingress Wikia: You can just take it on from there.

      I'm just an admin of the English wiki, not the Spanish one. Looks like it hasn't been touched for a while. You can edit without being an admin, but once you become an active editor, you can pursue adoption here:

      My concern however is, that if you translate some pages from the English wiki to Spanish, once you lose interest it, it will become outdated and not really useful for players. I think it's preferable to concentrate our efforts on one wiki, there's plenty here that needs improving still.

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    • I know.. I am a person that likes to standarize things.. I suggest you to make one wiki content  in all languages.. I like the English one.. but a few people knows the languaje.. 

      I tried to make a page like the English version but It kind off expensive..

      You have tg can chat me like my nick.. I will check out..

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    • A FANDOM user
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