The Trekker medal is awarded for walking long distances. The distance is measured as a straight line between points where the Agent performs actions in the Scanner, as long as the speed does not exceed 6 km/h.

To improve the counted distance, it helps to perform some action (e.g. opening Missions list) whenever making a turn.[1][2]

Mechanics Edit

According to community analysis: most actions that can be performed in the Scanner transmit the Agent's current location to Ingress servers. The distance between these locations is then added to the "Distance Walked" stat, if it satisfies two conditions:[1]

  • The average speed between two actions may not exceed 6 km/h.
  • Maximum time: There is an unknown time limit.

Notably, inventory-only operations do not count: recycling and Capsule operations.

The following operations are counted: Scannig area (automatic periodic operation made by Scanner), hacking, deploying resonators/mods, firing weapons, recharging, dropping/picking up items, and checking the missions list.[1]

References Edit

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