Ultra Strikes (US) are a type of exotic matter pulse weapon that cause blast damage more focused than the XMP Burster.

While they are listed as "very common," they do not drop as often as XMP Bursters. However, they have the same duplication rate as Bursters in a Quantum Capsule.

Initially Ultra Strikes were only hackable on selected Motorola devices, however could be fired by any agent that acquired them.


Ultra Strikes are designed to destroy portal mods such as shields and turrets. They have a very limited range, and are best utilized when standing directly on top of the portal itself. If the portal's resonators are placed at great distance, the use of an Ultra Strike exactly on top of the portal might not strike the Resonators, and hence won't generate a defense strike to the Agent nor a warning on COMM or via notification to the Agents that own nearby Resonators. Note that if resonators of a different, nearby portal are struck, that portal will zap the Agent.

Pressing and holding until the particle ring shrinks fully will deal up to an additional 20% damage, based on the radius of the ring when the agent releases the Fire button. This is sometimes known as a Glyph Attack, although it has nothing to do with Glyphs.

Damage and Range Edit

There are 8 levels of Ultra Strike, each level increasing in range and damage. The Ultra Strike lowers the energy levels of resonators and mods in range following this scheme:

L 1150 XM10 m
L 2300 XM13 m
L 3500 XM16 m
L 4900 XM18 m
L 51200 XM21 m
L 61500 XM24 m
L 71800 XM27 m
L 82700 XM30 m

*Nominal damage values. Actual damage depends on distance from the Agent to anything struck, Portal mods such as shields, mitigation from associated links, and any Attack Bonus.