Release: Nov 12, 2012
Reference: DeCode Ingress

Ingress app has an update and it jumped from 1.0.0 version to 1.04.0 version. It comes with few bug fixes and performance improvements. Also we can now zoom out more and it's a bit faster, but that can also mean that they added some servers to support growing user mass.

But there is some bad news also, it seems that not all devices that supported 1.0.0 version can update. That also means that some devices will not even have a chance to install Ingress when the users get an invite.

Some of confirmed phones that are unable to upgrade/install new version:

  • LG Enlighten
  • Samsung Replenish
  • Samsung Galaxy Mini
  • ZTE V875
  • Samsung Galaxy GIO
  • UMX MXE-670

This maybe is connected to screen resolution of the device. In the help section is stated:

Interface elements on the Scanner overlap or don’t fill the screen. For the best experience, we recommend a minimum device screen resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. Devices that do not meet that mininimum may experience scanner view degradation that may impact play. Maybe they decided to not support devices with resolution lower than 480 x 800 pixels. All of the confirmed phones have worse screen resolution than this.

There are also a lot of cases of force close issues on start or in the middle of a game. You can resolve it by going to settings-apps-ingress- and force stop and clear data.

Is your device working with the new update? And if not what device do you have?

  • Tapping AP meter in Scanner view no longer shows player AP:
  • AP level is still available when performing actions such as Hacking and Linking.