Joe Philley

Joe PhilleyNiantic Logo Niantic 工作人員之一,其所使用的探員名稱為 Delta102,然而令人難過的是 Joe Philley 已經於 2015 年九月離開人間。[1]


為了紀念 Joe Philley,有部分玩家自行設計印製了 Joe Philley 的仿官方設計人物卡。


One year ago, we lost a great man.

Agent Delta102 was the backbone of the Ingress community and friend to all. Through his work he connected with thousands of Ingress agents from all walks of life and brought smiles to many faces.

When we eat bacon, when we find airplanes, and when we play Ingress, we remember him. He has passed away , but he is still alive in our memories.

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