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John Hanke
Ace (Bio Card)

John HankeNiantic Logo Niantic 的創辦人,2012 年 John 創造了 Niantic Logo Niantic 的第一款地圖實境多人連線遊戲 Ingress Logo Ingress



John Hanke 的 Ingress 遊戲帳號,看得出來他應該沒什麼時間玩遊戲

John Hanke 所使用的探員名稱ace,值得一提的是他所選擇的陣營為代表光明、希望、進步的啟蒙軍 Enlightend Logo陣營,不過從他的遊戲帳號資料看來他應該沒什麼時間玩遊戲。


Agent Ace was one ofthe earliest civilians to take possession ofa Scanner and to experience the enhanced effects ofXMenabled by it. Agent Ace has been spotted around the world at Exotic Matter hotspots or"Portals" collecting XM, powering up Portals, and creating Links and Control Fields. At times he has been spotted traveling in the company ofknown NIA agents and has even been seen behind the wheel of NL-1331. Agent Ace is known to have been present at operations Bowstring, Save Klue, Minotaur, Cassandra, 13MAGNUS, Recursion, Interitus, Helios, Darsana, Shonin, Persepolis, Abaddon, Obsidian, and Aegis Nova. He is believed to have aspecial connection to the XM powerspot near Cross Plains, Texas(an affinity he shares with Hank Johnson) and also to the Cupid's Span Portal where Jarvis is believed to have reappeared as a simulacrumduring operation 13MAGNUS.


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