ResistanceHK系列是由反抗軍 Resistance Logo探員 ResistanceHK 所建立的集字任務,全套共有六個任務,任務地點位於香港銅鑼灣的維多利亞公園。



  • Logo of the Game
  • Re - Relax
  • sis - do you know that?
  • tan - Take a nap
  • ce - Comfortable Environment
  • HK - Victoria Park



Logo of the Game: Do you know what is it?

Re - Relax: There is a easy way for you to get what you want.

sis - do you know that?: Many people don't know there have the Old Cannons.

tan - Take a nap: Why don't you take a nap? :)

ce - Comfortable Environment: Victoria Park is a nice place to rest.

HK - Victoria Park: Located at the city centre of Hong Kong Island, Victoria Park was opened in October 1957 and was named after the statue of Queen Victoria. The Park has been refurbished from 2000 to 2002. With an area[1]


  1. 這裡懷疑因為Ingress對任務描述的字數限制而未能完成描述。
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