待撰頁面「Operation Clear Field」是一篇頁面內容有待補充尚未完成的小作品,你可以通過編輯或修訂補充資訊擴充其內容。
待撰頁面「Operation Clear Field」是一篇尚末完成翻譯的原稿,尚待善心人士認領翻譯。你可以通過編輯或修訂翻譯其內容。
Operation Clear Field

Operation Clear FieldNiantic Logo NianticGoruck Logo Goruck 於 2017 年合作的新形態的 Goruck 活動。有別於 GORUCK Stealth / Urban ,他是揉合 GORUCK x Ingress GoruckIngress Logo Ingress 元素的大地遊戲,以小隊為單位去進行。

所有登記參與的費用皆捐到美國國家公園的官方慈善合作夥伴:(美國)國家公園基金(National Park Foundation)。


You and your small team (反抗軍 Resistance Logo啟蒙軍 Enlightend Logo或跨陣營) get an old school printed-out Hit List from an on-the-ground GORUCK Rep. Your team then strategically plans to earn the most points and explore the best spots around - Ingressing and Instagramming and earning "Cool Points" as you go. Hit list could include Ingress Game Portals, local points of interest, bars, restaurants, puppies, kittens, the beach, other Teams, and much more, including quick impact service actions. Come ready, Agents.

Winning Team receives the ultra-exclusive Gold Scavenger patch. 2nd place receives Silver. All teams receive the official GORUCK Scavenger patch and the exclusive Operation Clear Field patch.

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